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I am the product of Indiana Jones movies and my grandma’s home cooking.  Let’s just say if The Last Crusade and her chicken paprikash had a grandbaby, that baby would be me.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a healthy fascination with food.  Not just the food itself but also the stories behind it. I have a keen interest in experiencing regional and local foods and traditions.  Equally, I have been in love with the idea of travelling to exotic locations, like those I used to stumble across while sneaking through an old National Geographic stash in our garage.

​The idea of Foodigenous is to merge these two passions. This is my first blog and I am probably going to go about this all wrong. I will not be quitting my job nor will I be selling all my belongs for a worldwide journey.

​I’m going to ramble at times, infuse too many movie references in my writing and I will likely share more about myself than anyone cares to know.  I am also egotistical enough to think that it will keep your interest.

Thanks for submitting!

Adam H

Foodie, Traveller, Blogger

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