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Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Welcome to my blog foodigenous, a clever merger of the words Food and Indigenous. Well, at least I think it is clever. I love food, not just the cuisine itself but the story behind it and I am

convinced that food always tastes better when you try it from where it originated; even if it doesn’t actually taste better, you know what I mean?

For instance, there is no better tasting experience than when you are standing twenty people deep, on Passyunk & Ninth in South Philly under the neon glow of the Pat’s King of Steaks sign. The anxiety of saying the order right, the deep inhales of dueling scents of steak and roast pork sandwiches make the experience truly authentic. I dare you to debate me that a deep-dish pizza from Pizzeria Uno’s in Chicago doesn’t taste better than one from an Uno’s in Clifton New Jersey.

This passion blog is a long time coming, one that I’ve started and stopped for several years. I’m not a professional writer. I have a full-time career with no plans of quitting my job to travel the world on a shoestring budget with my wife and cat. I am however an expert eater and know where to get good food and drink. My goal is to share this skill and to spotlight the many indigenous foods, cocktails and even traditions throughout the US, and ultimately the world.

I enjoy pop-culture, a lot. My wife says that I was likely a tween girl in a past life. It's a given that I am going to infuse too many Hollywood references into my stories. I am going to try to keep it interesting and, in the meantime, I will probably expose some of my oddities and idiosyncrasies that make me who I am. I like asking random questions. I also relish in putting people on the spot, and love to get my friends to commit to choosing one thing over the other. And I love top five lists.

Much of what I will write will be about food history, culinary customs or even restaurants that are unique to a specific area. Some of these will be well known foods that, while once contained to a small region, gained a larger following later on. Think Buffalo Wings. Other foods will be micro-indigenous or hyper-local as the kids say and are little known outside a small area but have a dedicated following nonetheless.

If you are local to NJ and want to join me on some of my future food journeys or if you have suggestions of foodigenous that you think I might not know about, tell me! If you share a similar passion for food origins and culture, let’s chat.

Happy reading. Thanks for the follow and if you like, tell a friend or ten. 😊

During the pandemic I also have contributed to some other regional food blogs

– check them out.

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