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Fluffernutter Karaoke

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

In honor of October 8th, National Fluffernutter Day, I wanted to share a little something that will have you boppin' your head and snappin' your fingers.

Prior to 1960, the peanut butter and marshmallow cream sandwich was simply known as peanut butter and marshmallow. This New England treat was actually created during World War I, but didn't get the name Fluffernutter until the Durkee-Mower Co. hired an Ad Agency that created this little ditty that will stick with you all day long... Enjoy.

Oh you need fluff fluff fluff to make a fluffernutter Marshmallow fluff and lots of peanut butter First you spread spread spread your bread with peanut butter Add marshmallow fluff and have a fluffernutter When you enjoy joy joy your fluff and peanut butter You’re glad you have enough for another fluffernutter

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1 comentario

Matthew Roy
Matthew Roy
08 oct 2020

Awesome video from the golden age of advertising when people had an attention spans of more than 24 seconds and copywriters were allowed to write great stuff like this.

Me gusta
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