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Anything For Love- A Yocco's Love Story

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Yocco’s is a regional hot dog & cheesesteak chain with six locations throughout the Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania area. They are known for cooking their “classic everything dogs” well done and offer their own unique foodigneous style of cheesesteak- Allentown Style stewed onions, chili sauce, pickles and hot peppers. #yum

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share this quick story that I stumbled across while reading about the history of Yoccos on their website. For best effect, I suggest you read as if narrated by Sophia Petrillo–for any of you Millennials not getting the reference, check out HULU for some classic episodes of The Golden Girls.

"Picture it”, Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania 1922, a young Italian American man opens a small cigar and convenience store. One day a beautiful woman enters the store, approaches the young owner Theodore Iacocca and asks if they had any hot dogs for sale. He paused for a moment then sadly replied that they do not. She answered “that’s too bad” leaving with a wink and a smile. The next day, the smitten Theodore bought a grill and some hot dogs and while he never saw that lady again, it was because of that star-crossed encounter that Yocco's Hot Dog Shop was born.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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